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Retail Assistant at First


Let Emma tell you what it is like to work at First….

What is the best thing about working at First?

My colleagues are great and make it so easy to work here. We all share a passion for what we do so even working part time you really feel part of the team. I love working closely with our stock; getting to know our products makes them easier to recommend to customers, and getting to know the customers makes it easier to give a personal service.

What would you say is your biggest achievement working at First so far?

I have worked my way up and been given a lot of opportunities since working here at First. I have had the chance to join training days with certain brands that we carry, travelling to London to participate, and I have also had the chance to go to some of our brands buying for the future seasons which is my favourite thing to do.

What qualities make someone successful at First?

Confidence, a team player, cheerful and bubbly. Willingness to learn and progress within your role and enjoying your role within the team is a must.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining First?

My advise would be that customer service skills are beneficial for anyone considering joining our team. A personable personality as you will be required to build a rapport with customers very regularly. As a small team your jobs within the role could be flexible from day to day so you should be prepared to take on any task.

If you are interested please drop your CV into First at North Street Horncastle or email to